5 important reasons you need CFO Services

Football season is coming to a close, and sadly once again our Vikings will not make it to the Championship. But there is always next year, right? Now that I have your attention, I know you are wondering what in the world football has to do with CFO services. Well, meet your financial quarterback, Light […]

5 Crucial Learns From the Rise Business Conference

I had the honor of attending an incredible conference in South Carolina in November. It was hosted by the super spunky and well-known Rachel Hollis and her awesome husband Dave Hollis. The line-up of speakers was so good! Narrowing down the list of the most crucial learns was next to impossible, but here they are! […]

5 Effective Ways To Embrace Change

Change is hard, you go first.  There is so much irony in that statement.  We want a better life, a different life, but change is HARD! Instead of embracing the challenge of change, we run from it. The comfort of the current status quo is safer than the unknown.  What if we approached change with a […]