If you've got a problem, we’ll solve it. Sarah has been on both sides of the table and offers a different perspective to save you time and money in your financial matters. When it comes to high-level financial needs of small- and mid-size businesses, navigating how to best utilize partnerships with CPAs, bankers and financial representatives can be overwhelming. We can be your guide: let’s chat (link to How Can I Help?) We help make the complex business world simple. Starting with a casual, fact-finding conversation about what your business needs are, we aim to identify the best solution or align you with a partner who better supports your needs.

Our most common consulting services are interim CFO, Accounting Services and Development Analysis.

Fractional CFO

If you need high-level financial vantage points only on a part-time basis, we can serve as your CFO. As fresh eyes and professionals supporting your established business we will monitor your accounting/finance team’s monthly activity and continue the confidence of your external partners.

Construction & Real Estate Development Analysis

We are able to save our clients time and money by analyzing and recommending changes to processes, structure and financing. Due to many business owners wearing too many hats in their rapidly growing businesses, our services around processes, structure and financing have become a necessary support which we love partnering on.

One on One. Your Dreams. Your Success.


Executive coaching will help you move through transitions, dilemmas, alignments, or advancements through one-on-one dedicated time to your dreams and goals. Our time together is a practical, results-driven conversation used to provide guidance which you can immediately apply. We know an accountability partner is essential to your success and that is what we provide. Your accountability partner has been in your shoes and will walk with you side-by-side to guide you through this process.

Training and Development

Our most common Training and Development services are Light Leaders & Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

Light Leaders

Are you ready to develop and enhance your work and life? Our Light Leaders will take you through four major areas: Self, Others, Action and Connection. Each separate area will be an 8-week course. We will meet in small groups for 1.5 hours each week and in addition to the group meetings you will also receive two 30-minute one-on-one sessions of coaching. This is an intense and purposeful program with homework and accountability. You will be supported with how to apply the knowledge you are obtaining to your work and life for immediate behavior change.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator was created in the 1960’s after decades of research starting with Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, with his Psychological Types published in 1921. The MBTI assessment is designed to help respondents identify their natural type preferences. Myers wrote assessment items and developed scales to sort opposite ways of taking in information (Sensing or Intuition), making decisions (Thinking or Feeling), acquiring and using energy (Extraversion or Introversion), and what you extravert towards the outside world (Judging or Perceiving). These four pairs make up your MBTI type and describe your personality.

Team/Relationship Building

Create high-performing relationships to decrease stress and increase productivity. Through knowing yourself and those around you you’ll have the tools to develop greater mutual respect, appreciation and support. You can do this through a Couples Night, Individualized Training or attending an MBTI Workshop.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Individual Development

Through self-awareness, individuals can develop deeper, richer, and a better understanding of their actions, motives and behaviors. This powerful tool brings you closer to who you are, and having that knowledge will help accelerate your ability to live and lead in the way which was intended. Each assessment comes with an hour of time digging deeper with Sarah.